YakTribe Christmas Exchange 2021! Roll up, roll up, get yer names in!

Very happy with my mini, thank you Yak Santa. Fits right in with my Cawdor / Redemptionists!!

Yaks have done well this year, every model looks awesome!


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I was finally able to open my package. (I and my wife have second Christmas eve every last day of the year because we travel to see the family over regular Christmas).

Very nice packaging, lovely backstory attached, pretty miniature. I was pleasantly surprised, so thank you, Sump Santa!
The miniature snapped off the base sometime during the shipping, so I had to glue it back together. It's all fine now.

Pics tomorrow!
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Ugh... Okay, here you go.
Lucky for you, Little Jesus (Ježíšek) brought me a new desk lamp. It makes taking pics without a lightbox viable.

Truly mean-looking lady she is!

To compose something like this, my Sump Santa had to read through the lore I wrote on the 40kHomebrew Wikia, which I appreciate. (Link n signature)
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Blitzen arrived well on time and came with a full stats / gear card. Fits in perfectly with my traitorous mutant horde with red armor / dark earthtones gear.

He's ready to sleigh...

Thanks, mystery Yak! I still don't know who to thank.

I put some WIP pics of @nooker's ammo jack, one here:

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Some of the cloak pointy bits didn't like travelling, nothing a spot of glue can't fix.

He's awesome! Really nice conversion work and paintjob! A great addition to my Waaagh.
Usually, I try to take part in such a test of gifts. For me, it is always informative and exciting. Last time I managed to win several models of skins with cs go. It's hilarious and pleasant. They still lie in my closet in a prominent place. As a CS go fan, I am doubly pleased to have small weapons figures from my favorite game. When I took part in this Christmas challenge for the first time, I did not hope for any winnings... But when they sent me small models, I was shocked. Now I am trading weapon skins, and rust skins trade bot helps me. I hope I will be able to replenish my collection of toy weapons soon.
Are you sure you are in the correct thread or forum, pal?
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I’m not sure what that is, but this thread is a gift exchange. You make a model and give it to another member. It’s not a contest with prizes.
Indeed. I suspect it's one of the new breed of spam bots that uses AI to read the general gist of a thread and posts something that vaguely blends in. I've seen similar on other forums.
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