Competition YakTribe Competition 00111000 (8!)

Yaktribe Competition 8 'Rise of the Machines'

  • @jonbo with N.A.T.E & C.U.R.R

    Votes: 8 21.1%
  • @ClockworkOrange with "The Imperium is a Lie"

    Votes: 25 65.8%
  • @grimwork with "Needful Things"

    Votes: 6 15.8%
  • @radulykan with "AdMech Ganger"

    Votes: 5 13.2%
  • @trollmeat with "Bob's 'We Can Fix It!'"

    Votes: 7 18.4%
  • @DestroyerFaith with "Robo-Butler"

    Votes: 3 7.9%
  • @Flobojoe with "Red Robots Servitor Shop"

    Votes: 24 63.2%
  • @Sammun with "2.19am!"

    Votes: 14 36.8%
  • @stealthvulture with "Servo Skull"

    Votes: 3 7.9%
  • @TakUnderhand with "Electro-Bugs"

    Votes: 4 10.5%

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Jan 6, 2013
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Competition 8 is here!

As chosen by the last winner @jonbo with the fantastic entry "Anamuria Marcisa of House Ulanti"



Make and / or model an Artificial Construct of any type!
Ideas include, but not limited to: Puppets, Robots, Servo Skulls, Servitors, Steam Powered Warriors, Lightning Powered Undead, Warpstone Skaven Constructs etc.

As @Malo so eloquently put it in the private messages we had...

Merely steampunk / cyborg the crap out of something!

Usual Rules apply as always - please reply below with your desire to enter. Any questions you have, again, reply below.

Competition will close Saturday July 18th (exact time I'll give you closer) So you have just over one month.

Also please note - we have NOT specified if this has to be a Figure, Scenery or a Vehicle - so have at it Yaktribe members!

01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01100111 01101111 01101111 01100100 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011

(Staff dudes, please move to briefing room!)
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The Results are finally with us as you have probably already seen - after spending all week thinking 7 days of waiting was too long :)

In 3rd Place is @Sammun with "2.19am!"


In 2nd Place is @Flobojoe with "Red Robots Servitor Shop"

But, the Winner of the 8th Yaktribe Competition - only just mind! is....

@ClockworkOrange with "The Imperium is a Lie"

Great entries this month - a lot of the voters seemed to have very similar ideas on the winners with Clockworks Plasma Ball only just pipping the Robot Shop to the post - very close indeed.

We'll be in touch with ClockworkOrange about a new competition idea - so keep an eye out for something early next week (probably :D )

djmothra, Malo & the rest of the YakTribe Staff :)

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Final entries for YakTribe Competition 8 "Rise of the Machines"

@jonbo with N.A.T.E & C.U.R.R


@ClockworkOrange with "The Imperium is a Lie"

@grimwork with "Needful Things"

@radulykan with "AdMech Ganger"

@trollmeat with "Bob's 'We Can Fix It!'"


@DestroyerFaith with "Robo-Butler"

@Flobojoe with "Red Robots Servitor Shop"

@Sammun with "2.19am!" ;)

@stealthvulture with "Servo Skull"

@TakUnderhand with "Electro-Bugs"

Some great entries here, a big well done to everyone that took part.

Now please check to see if I have missed any (I don't think I have) - I will add the poll for voting in a few days.

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Well, I don't know binary very well, but from what I can tell, that number is 56. 8 would be 1000. 1=1, 10=2, 11=3, 100=4, 101=5, 110=6, 111=7, 1000=8. Leading zeros don't matter, but once the ones start it that's when it matters.
Essentially, there are two methods of counting in binary. One, is as nooker says, straight binary translation, which is purely numerical

however, if you want to convey information besides numbers, you need some key to convert numerical data into a more complete character set. The most commonly used english key for this, is the ASCII character set, which doesn't actually begin showing characters (instead of formatting) till 32, and doesn't begin the number sequence till 48. Hence, 56 is 8 (incidentally, that is why the html for 8 is 8 )

Most translation software uses ASCII, since most "translate this to binary" requests will not be purely numeric in nature and as such, goes through the step of converting the numbers to ASCII, hence this confusion here
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Nice. Just translated the last bit. Thanks. So, I'm entering the models from the last contest. That's kosher right? :) You could do a sequel or prequel though :D

And yes, Looooooong time since I did any Binary, so I used an online translator thing - so, the title is '8'

Thanks to @Jagged Tooth Grin for the eplanation on ASCII to Binary (y)
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I have already done Fall of the Machines (Titan Swan Dive), guess it is time for them to Rise (Terminator was all about messing with chronology, I guess my machines can fall before they rise) :) to just find time, and an idea. Guess I'll see what I can do. P-:
56 is the ascii code for the numeral 8

Hah! I was also like... HAW error! Now I feel that I shamed my engineer degree!

This is really nice idea. For fantasy somekind of animated construct / pinochio would be fine.

I will probably go for this. As it comes that I never did the servitor for the Acolyte's Alcove so perhaps that could be my entry (or one of them) ;)
I've been thinking about crafting a new, cast-able cyber-mastiff model to add to my Arbites (since getting enough of the old Necromunda models would be quite expensive). This might just be the push I need to get that done.

Competition will close Saturday June 18th (exact time I'll give you closer) So you have just over one month.

Surely you mean July 18th?