Competition YakTribe Competition 10 "Unusual Suspects"

YakTribe Competition 10 "Unusual Suspects"

  • @AndyT81 with "The Unfortunates"

    Votes: 14 45.2%
  • @spafe with "Shanty Town Gangers"

    Votes: 5 16.1%
  • @Casus with "Genestealer Cult"

    Votes: 20 64.5%
  • @Flobojoe with "Mad Mech Techs"

    Votes: 13 41.9%
  • @TakUnderhand with "None Shall Pass"

    Votes: 9 29.0%
  • @voddelicious with "Ash Waste Nomads"

    Votes: 15 48.4%

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Jan 6, 2013
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Welcome to YakTribe Competition 10 "Unusual Suspects" - this time chosen by @Flobojoe with "Rise & Fall - The Gangers Tale" - A very nice bit of work, utilizing the terrain to further enhance the idea.


For this competition we want you to make / start a non-standard gang - minimum model count is required (which is 1 leader and 2-3ish more depending on gang, warband, tribe etc) but must NOT be from an official rule book or official supplement.
Resources like Gang War, Town Crier, Gubbinz & White Dwarf are ok, as well as some of the home-brew rules that we have stored in the vault. (seriously, go look in the vault, there loads of stuff in it!)

We don't want Goliaths or Redemptionists, oh no, we want Ash Wastes or PDF Deserters.

No Reiklanders, we want Lizardmen or Pirates.

Normal rules apply for this comp, you get the idea.

Please note - we don't require an entire gang, mob, warband - just the minimum number of models to field it - if you want to make the entire gang then please feel free! :)

Closing date for this comp is one month and a bit from now (Close Friday 6th November)

As an extra bonus @Mad Robot will be donating some store credits to the winners too! :D Many thanks!
1st place: $20 store credit & Free Shipping
2nd place: $10 store credit
3rd place: $5 store credit

@ClockworkOrange will also be helping out with any questions and rules queries that you may have (as djmothra is a little busy with work this month and might miss some posts here)

Good luck everyone!

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Official results of the 10th YakTribe Competition are in - as you can see above, the results are very close indeed!

In 3rd place is @AndyT81 with "The Unfortunates"

In 2nd place is @voddelicious with "Ash Waste Nomads"

And the Winner of the 10th YakTribe comp is...

@Casus with "Genestealer Cult"

Fantastic entries from all again - especially as this one was quite a difficult one to do!

Special thanks also to @Mad Robot who is giving away some store credit to the 3 winners (he will be in touch with the winners privately)'s to the next competition! We'll be in touch with @Casus in the next day or so for the next one - keep those eyes peeled.

Many thanks from the YakTribe crew: @djmothra, @Malo, @ClockworkOrange & @Flobojoe

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Final Entries for YakTribe Competition 10 "Unusual Suspects"

There are some fantastic entries here - I'm loving the scenic bases that people are doing too :)

@AndyT81 with "The Unfortunates"

@spafe with "Shanty Town Gangers"

@Casus with "Genestealer Cult"

@Flobojoe with "Mad Mech Techs"

@TakUnderhand with "None Shall Pass"

@voddelicious with "Ash Waste Nomads"

Can everyone please check that I have found all of the entries? (@Horatio_Tyllis' entry has not been included as it was not a new project)
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While I thought I might have to skip this one due to time constraints, I have a few ideas that I could work on. Unfortunately I won't be able to add to my Mushroom/Carnival themed gang for this comp as although their rules are slightly changed from the source, they are still basically Scavvies. :-/

Looks as though I will have to go with either Beastmen or a Genrstealer cult. :)
hmm, I am not sure how to enter this one, Nuln engineer warband for mordheim count? or are they too official? I can't do a journeyman gang as they were going to be using orlock models.... maybe a shanty town gang to keep me ticking over... hmm, options.
Where were the rules for Nuln Engineer Warband printed? If its in Town Cryer or WD then its fine.

Journeyman Gang - from the Vehicle Supplement? There were never any official minis for those right? Orlock seems ok - so long as its just not ALL orlock, proxying in a few would be fine - and expected to be honest!
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I don't know where the engineers orginated from, but in the 2.1 rules for mordheim on here they appear, along with everything pretty much rolled into one pdf (with no real formatting but still, really useful).

There wernt... I might look into it, need to get that gang going anyway so if I do and its ruled they are too similar to house gang... nevermind.
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I don't know where the engineers orginated from, but in the 2.1 rules for mordheim on here they appear, along with everything pretty much rolled into one pdf (with no real formatting but still, really useful).

2.1 is unofficial compiling of stuff in a (perhaps) useful but haphazard manner - I'll be ignoring it - only original rule books count.
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Oh, man, I wish I painted anymore, I've been wanting to put together a Doctor Who themed Wyrd gang for some time. Just ordered the War Doctor from Heresy. I've got all the bits, buy not the skill to do a job that I would want on such models. Or, you know, paints...
Go for it @nooker you only need a few dollars worth of artists paint, I reckon (actually, don't listen to me, you've seen my painting :)

So, is it OK to arm and paint these squats, I wonder? I cast them a few months back...
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Unfortunatly not @TakUnderhand you've got to start the project within the comp boundaries.

Although you could cast some "new" squats and take the same amount of time sculpting and casting the "new" ones as it took you to make those before starting anything else........
Wait, he's getting penalized because he's the one who cast the models? That doesn't seem quite fair as there's every chance in the world that the models the rest of us use have been cast for months or years before the contest. There may have been models used in prior contests that were cast before I was born. I realize this is a gray area, but these aren't sculpts that he started before the contest, these are casts that he had lying around waiting to be made into full models. I think they should be allowed.
@TakUnderhand @nooker @trollmeat

Yep grey area but we've had people before who have sculpted entire models or built something entirely from scratch as their entry in the time allowed. As always there's an element of yakkers honour to this so i just suggested Tak spent a few days looking at them for the same period it took for him to make them before using them. Although I'm happy to refer this to @djmothra for a final decision.