Competition YakTribe Competition 12 "Open Season"

YakTribe Competition 12

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Jan 6, 2013
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Ok, we're back after a little break for the 12th installment of the YakTribe Competition!

I Know a lot of you have been waiting for this, some even been putting off starting new things to wait!

As you all know, Comp 11 was won by @Casus - but as he'd won previously, we went to the second place to get the new criteria (and as that was a Tie, myself, @Malo and @ClockworkOrange did a little tie break) so...Yaktribe Competition 12 is being bought to you by the Mushroom man himself.. @trollmeat .

This is going to be an easy one...kind of... Its called "Open Season" You can make anything you like (so long as it's for Necro, GoMo, Mordheim, INQ28, FG etc etc) BUT, the following rules apply here:

1. Make that thing that you've always wanted to make, but haven't got round to doing...yet.
2. Cannot be something that you have already started (no finishing something unfinished)
3. You must also submit a picture of the raw materials or parts you will use before your start.

There is no minimum or maximum base size or min / max numbers for this.

We are going to give you 6 weeks for this one - so closing will be Friday March 4th (that's 6ish weeks right?)

Any questions or Queries - please ask below, as well as indicating your interest in entering.

NOTE: We are going to change one of the rules slightly - It doesn't really affect anything, but I wanted you to know.

Can the Competition Organizer win their own Competition?

We thought long and hard over this and we decided that the answer is no, they cannot.
They are free to enter the competition as normal (and encouraged to do so) but their final entry will not be eligible for voting on (and it gives the competition baton to someone new)

Will now read:

Can the Competition Organizer win their own Competition?
Yes, they are free to enter the competition as normal (and encouraged to do so) but, if they win for the second time (in a row) then the second place entry will decide on the next criteria (and it gives the competition baton to someone new)

Good luck everyone, we look forward to what you come up with!

EDIT: Added INQ28
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1st Place is @ClockworkOrange with MegaBlock One!

Joint 2nd Place with @Scumb4g with Cawdor Sniper and @KungFuPanda with Patriarch Spyrer



3rd Place goes to @Flobojoe with Rogue Trader Warband!


Congratulations to all the winners and everyone that entered - we'll be back soon with a new one - watch this space!

(Curious... 26.3333333 people voted Hmmm... *strokes Chin* )
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Ok, Final Entries to the 12th YakTribe Competition are as follows...

@trollmeat with World of Chaos

@Scumb4g with Cawdor Sniper

@KungFuPanda with Patriarch Spyrer

@ClockworkOrange with Mega Block One aka Towering Inferno

@Casus with Necromunda T-Shirt

@Ben_S with Gormiti Toy Repaint

@Flobojoe with Rogue Trader Warband

@Alobar with Necromunda Scenery (Although officially unfinished, I think it still looks great and playable, so i'm adding it :) djmothra )

and Lastly - a late entry, but we're nice here so I'm going to add it :) djmothra

@TakUnderhand with BeastMaster

Usual guidelines follow - Voting will be up for one week.

Good luck everyone!
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I'm in the process of moving, so prolly won't have time to make something for this one, but I've previously managed to knock together an entry when pressed for time so I will see how I go (and as the person who chose the theme I can't "win", but I still like the challenge of trying to get something done) :-D

Look forward to seeing what people come up with! :)
Don't know what I'm doing yet (as ever) But I'm in.

I would look at all those unpainted gangs, and think "does that fit?" Some I've had for a long time, and they've just sat there. So they *would* count as something that I've wanted to do. Like a full Squat gang. But I'll probably build a tank. Possibly with a motor. And a gun. That fires. (not actually lethal though, I'll be careful). Maybe remote control, perhaps automatous. But that wouldn't fit the comp guidelines. For a start I'd have to re-use a heap of half finished programs to do so... And it's not exactly 'munda. Perhaps if I have it learn how to *play* Necromunda?!? Man, I shouldn't have started writing this after a drink.

So, a tank then. Probably. Of some sort. Or perhaps a walker? That can actually walk? Hmmm...
I've got a Valkyrie lying on my shelf I've been meaning to build. Want to convert it so it looks like it's either been stripped down or looted. Thinking of possibly using it as some Necromunda terrain. Like it's been left in a junkyard or something.

Then again it could be transport for the Ordo Xenos squad I've half built. Too indecisive. Too many choices.

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I have been eyeing up hacking up and magnetizing my unpainted and partially assembled Orlock gang, but I am currently in apprenticeship school for the next 6 weeks. Which means I collect Gov't checks of meager amounts and have to do lots of school work. Means no real budget for extra bits right now; means no time to get a gang painted up. What I could do though is take what I have now, magnetize everything, and then greyscale all the minis...


Don't count me out, but know that I would be competing more with the DNF title than I could possibly with any of the great offerings that headline every month.
I just noticed I should have taken a picture before I converted my ganger, can I still join with him? He isn't painted at all yet.
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Whelp, I know exactly what to build.

You're all seen Mad Max II and if not go and see it nowwwww. Remember early in the tanker chase, a grapnel attached to a sandrail sort of thing gets thrown into the bit of car attached to the back of the tanker, messes the guy's leg up, the sandrail thing overturns, etc? I've been wanting a vehicle like that sandrail for a while. So, that's my objective; a Mad Max sandrail. Time to find out how to get there as I go.

Ingredients will be lots of round-section sprue, copper wire from electrical flex, florist's wire, random other wire, GW card, solder, bits of cigarette lighter, random plastic tubing/rodding, plasticard, fine chain, green stuff, tissue paper soaked in glue, maybe some of the 1/35 scrim net I have, potentially the odd bit of brass etch I have kicking around, bitz box crud, and whatever wheels come handy - is it okay to photograph what of the raw materials I have already, commence build, add further raw materials later, if I'm going to acquire some specifically for this project or should I wait to commence construction until I've got those wheels and have settled on what to do about a crew? And do I have to segregate down to only parts I know I'm going to use or can I isolate exactly which out of, say, an assortment of 1/35 bags and backpacks I'm going to use as I go along?

Whichever way, the first step in the build is going to be fabricating a suitable engine, gearbox, and transmission using photos of the corresponding parts of an aircooled Volkswagen Beetle for reference. The main bulk of the engine will likely be built from the curved metal cover bit off a cigarette lighter, a bunch of GW card, and potentially some plasticard. Details will be a mix of plasticard, very fine wire, plastic rodding, and sprue - as far as the axle goes there'll likely be some putty to build the compound curve of the diff.