Competition YakTribe Competition 13 - "It Came From The..."

YakTribe Competition 13 Final Entries.

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Yak Comp 2nd Place
Jan 6, 2013
Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam
...Sump, Crypt, Ash Wastes, Deep, Underhive, Woods etc.


Welcome to this, the Thirteenth YakTribe Competition which is bought to us by @ClockworkOrange !

Make / Paint a Monster or some Monsters - this is our first ever dedicated monsters competition too, so we're hoping for some really creative entries.

Ideas: Some kind of 'It came from the sump' scenario, wandering monsters, summons or perhaps something a little more mysterious.

There is no minimum or maximum base size or min / max numbers for this.
Usual games apply - Necro, GoMo, Mordheim (& FG), INQ28.
Again, you have 6 weeks to get your final entries in - closing will be T̶h̶u̶r̶s̶d̶a̶y̶ ̶5̶t̶h̶ ̶M̶a̶y̶ Monday 9th May (due to Holiday Weekends :) ).

Any questions or Queries - please ask below, as well as indicating your interest in entering.


Our very own @TakUnderhand is busy doing some castings and has offered us a few prizes - some of his own recent castings (seen below)

Whomever finishes first AND whoever finishes last will get a set (if there is a draw, it'll be cheapest postage or a D6 gets rolled)

EDIT: Closing date now Monday 9th of May - due to Holiday Weekends everywhere.
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@ClockworkOrange, my challenge to you is to cut some PVC pipe either in half or just enough to make it like a "U" shaped trough, and then run it as an irrigation aquaduct type piece. Maybe bends, or a sloped section with a turbine generator. Except it wouldn't be an aquaduct, water is too awesome for Necromunda. Some sort of brand new word. #sumpaduct
I would love to join again, but want to paint my rat ogre that is already primed. If that's a problem I will not partake (not going to remove the primer just to put it back on again). Let me know if this is ok or not.
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Well I'm also going for a 5 day holiday tomorrow so I guess that should even out the not having to prime the model. I was actually happy to see we are getting 6 weeks :p .
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Too bad I did some Chaos Spawn not that long ago, but hopefully I'll have time to do something - I even have an idea in mind...
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