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It's time for the next painting and modelling competition for YakTribe! The winner of the first competition as @AndyT81 and thus provided the challenge for the next one, Scenery for Scenarios. For Necromunda, Gorkamorka and Mordheim, there are many scenarios which use specific markers or counters to indicate on the battlefield a item to pick up or an objective, as well as other dynamic tokens. Some examples are loot, scrap, wyrdstone, traps, gravestones, water still. Those are common examples and there are many others.

Rules for Competition II
  1. Maximum base size (per marker) 40mm
  2. Minimum of 3 tokens and they must be the same. ie. do not make 2 wyrdstones then 3 loot counters
  3. Multiple entries are allowed but stick to one game and one theme per entry (as per Rule 2)
  4. Must be from one of the YakTribe supported games
  5. Official tokens and scenarios only, however if you wish to use something from a community made scenario, please post here with the request
  6. Competition runs during July and entries must be in place by August 1st
Along with the next competition, we are putting in place some more refined rules for running them as well as dedicating one of the members as the official Magister Competere, the Master of Competition here at YakTribe which will be @djmothra!. Those rules will be available here soon (next day or so) but you're free to start coming up with ideas for your entries. However, for the moment please do not post your ideas or any photos until the overall Competition Rules are available.
Official tokens and scenarios only, however if you wish to use something from a community made scenario, please post here with the request​

I heed the audience of Great and Benevolent Magister Competere and ask for forgivness of this rude intrusion.

I made this custom scenario sometime ago Swarm at the Gates. That scenario includes couple token:
  • Sewer and Vent tokens (sewer being obviously in ground level and vents being in upper level) for Genestealer entry. (these tokens can easily be used in any scenario such as Escape etc)
  • Then there is reload tokens inside the marketplace, for troubled fighters to reload their jammed guns
  • Heavy weapon platform in the fortification, in hope of keeping the Tyranid invasion at bay.
So my request is that "Can I make Heavy Weapon platforms to this competition?"
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I would like to petition the great Magister Competere for his O mighty judgment, when scenarios are judged, are they okay to be from fanatic magazine? The one I have in mind is from issue 46, a mordheim scenario titled 'The great Library', which requires Book tookens. Does this fall under the comp criteria?

I couldnt see the resource in the vault (although I might have missed it), but I did find it online here:
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@Loriel - Ok, I have just read it - it still looks to be a Work In Progress? It also doesn't look to be uploaded to the Yak Vault - which means we cannot see any gamers comments or rating for it.

I'd like to say no, but - I see no reason why you cannot just make the Tunnel and Vents token and one or two of the reloads (as you only need minimum 3 models). As you said, the Tunnels/Vents can be used for other scenarios (and look cool on the battlefield) and the reloads could easily double as normal Loot tokens for other scenarios.

If it was me, I'd make 3 of each (3 Tunnels, 3 Vents and 3 reloads) that way you are covered from every angle.

As for the Hvy Weapon Platform - I'm not sure 40mmx40mm would be enough? By all means make one for your games, but we won't be judging the Hvy Weapon Platform this time.

Ok, Semi-Approved - see above.

@spafe - Cool! I'd like to see more Mordheim here this competition. Yes - you could even think about making the Tomes all look different, perhaps some arcane scrolls, a pile of books, some books open or maybe even a bookshelf! (same thing in game, just different looks on the table) - Go for it, APPROVED!
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If I can chip in on the weapons platform thing, I have some little ones that look like the sentry guns from Aliens, and the base is a lot smaller than 40mm. I got them for use in Storming the Barricades, and some other scenarios my bro and I were cooking up.
I'm going to knock up a few things for this one - mainly some Wrydstone Markers for Mordheim.

I may even make the standalone Treasure Chest too - but as it'll be a single base, it'll not be eligible for entry - or perhaps just keep it for a future comp....Hmmmm....
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I'm in with the necro loot tokens.

Just wanted to register disagreement with one of the competition rules though - I think people should be able to win comps back to back. You could argue that 2nd place would get to chose the next comp to keep it fresh/'hand the baton over' in this instance, although personally I see no need for this either!

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So, I'm not sure if I can be fully in for this, but I was thinking of something a bit techno-demonic for =][=munda and 'It came from the sump' scenarios?

Also, I may have a bit of a basing issue as I have no 40mm bases and would have to build from scratch. The most ready (and playable) things I can find are old CD's, which are too big, but cutting them damages their integrity?

In or not, good luck to everyone.
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@ThreeDice, i don't think anyone would fault a non-mass produced base. as long as you don't make it bigger than the aforementioned 40mm base size, you can use the bones of your enemies as a base...or cardboard, ya know, if you don't feel like flaying the flesh from your vanquished enemies. in other words, use whatever you want as a base as long as it doesn't exceed 40mm. use of injection molded plastic is NOT a requirement.
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@ThreeDice exactly as @The Castle has said, it doesn't have to be on official GW or resin bases. It can be on anything, bits of plastic, cardboard, some artboard etc - the only rule is it cannot exceed the size started in the criteria!

For my entry, as I'm short a lot of bases (or I need them for minis) I'm going to use an old broken Plastic Ruler that I cut up into 1" squares and some artboard to make it thicker.

It doesn't even have to be on an actual base - for those making Necro Loot tokens - how about scratchbuilding a pallet that meets the size instead? :)

@capitan Noted - we'll see how this competition ends up - I can't see it happening too often to be honest, we have a lot of talented people here! But the rules are not quite set in Stone, they are still up for the occasional tweak - but only after the comp has finished - we aren't going to start amending them during the competition. But, yes, noted (y)
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I was getting all inspired to finally make the big red button from the lord of the spire scenario, then I read the competition is for multiple counters!
im sure I will come up with something else soon enough!
Thanks captain, but like mothra said i think it's pretty unlikely that it will happen due to more people entering and the fact they're great modellers!
Will make something anyway- probably loot counters :)

Andy T's Necromunda Plog
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@djmothra Why a one off treasure chest?... Why not have one full of booty, and 2 more fake or empty ones? c'mon now, no need to skimp of them is there :p
@spafe I was looking at the scenarios in the original book to see how many wydstone tokens I'd need for the hunt mission (I need 4 will cover it) and I reread the treasure one, but you only need one treasure chest, which If memory serves correct, you got one on the model sprue that came with the original box. So, i'll just knock one of those up as well, so I'm good for all the original missions (for the time being!) :D
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I'm in for Necromunda Loot Tokens. I like to make Dual-Use tokens, because I'm very lazy and also rarely used tokens, like Spyrer systems can easily be used for Archeotech loot, since it is such a broad subject. My cat is hurt right now, so I'll be starting my WIP uploads once I'm happy he is on the mend, but the time I can get to model, I'll be taking photos ready for it. Really looking forward to this!
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