Competition YakTribe Competition 5

Yaktribe Competition V Voting

  • "Sarge" by trollmeat

    Votes: 3 9.4%
  • "The Cages" by ClockworkOrange

    Votes: 23 71.9%
  • "Malvo" by grimwork

    Votes: 12 37.5%
  • "Zombie Removal Service" by nooker

    Votes: 3 9.4%
  • "Arbites Squad" by jonbo

    Votes: 14 43.8%
  • "Rallus the Rogue-Trader" by Warchef Andi

    Votes: 10 31.3%
  • "Bounty Hunter" by Crowmire

    Votes: 10 31.3%
  • "Hold up at Hive Guys" by TakUnderhand

    Votes: 1 3.1%
  • "Cadaverous - Cannibal King" by matswo

    Votes: 6 18.8%
  • "Judge Tomlin Vass" by ntw3001

    Votes: 5 15.6%
  • "Precinct House" by nooker

    Votes: 3 9.4%

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Jan 6, 2013
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Welcome to the fifth Yaktribe competition - this criteria has been chosen by @Rusty101 for the outstanding mini in Comp 4 (y)

So here is the Criteria...

Mordheim / Gorkamorka / Necromunda / Inquisitor28

- The theme is that everyone is either on one side of the law or the other... except when you're skirting the boundaries :D

No matter where you go in a Hive City, an Empire City or Mektown you're going to run into someone who wants to - Poison you to raise your corpse, Hunt you down, Eat you, Beat you half to death with batons, Smite your accursed soul, Vaporise you or all of the above.

This is an open category so any of the following are allowed: Miniatures / Buildings / Scenery

- Ideas could include:
Arbite compound / vehicles, mek boyz, Rebel Grots or Meks, heretic hunters, bounty hunters, highway men, a pillory or other public humiliation display scenery piece, any outlaws or outlander, Guilder mercenaries and traders [who let's face it are the real lawmakers].

- Build / model must be new from start date - so no semi-finished projects.
- Build must clearly be at one end or the other end of the spectrum (either a Lawmaker or a Rule-Breaker)
- There are no size restrictions.

Please post your intention to enter the competition below!

Good Luck everyone

Closing Date will be one month from now, so 6th February.

(@Malo can you move to the briefing room please boss?)
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Congratulations to everyone that entered!

The results -as you can see above are:

In Third place with "Malvo" by @grimwork

In Second place with "Arbites Squad" by @jonbo


...AAaaaaand...<Drumroll please> in First place with "The Cages" by @ClockworkOrange !!!!!


A big thank you for everyone taking part and a very big congratulations to @ClockworkOrange for not only winning, but being the first Yakker to win more than once Competition!

As I have mentioned already, we'll have 2 weeks off - but in the meantime, myself and @ClockworkOrange (and @Malo) will come with a new idea for you!
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Ok, Entries for the 5th YakTribe Competition "LAWMAKERS & RULE-BREAKERS!" (aka YakTribe Comp V) as decided by @@Rusty101

"Sarge" by @trollmeat

"The Cages" by @ClockworkOrange

"Malvo" by @grimwork

"Zombie Removal Service" by @nooker

"Arbites Squad" by @jonbo

"Rallus the Rogue-Trader" by @Warchef Andi

"Bounty Hunter" by @Crowmire

"Hold up at Hive Guys" by @TakUnderhand

"Cadaverous - Cannibal King" by @matswo

"Judge Tomlin Vass" by @ntw3001

"Precinct House" by @nooker

That's all the entries (I think) - Please let me know if I have missed anyone - I will add the poll later today or tomorrow for voting.
It'll be the same as last time, you can vote for your favorite 3.
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I may be about to get very busy, but if I don't I might toss my hat in.

If I do join, I'll build an open-topped Rhino (using an ancient, new on sprue MK 1 rhino kit I acquired recently) for my fledgling Adeptus Arbites force.

If that does't pan out, maybe I'll go a slightly easier route and just make the first test model for my kit-bashed Arbites basic troops.
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Oh. I miss understood the requirement... archeotech isnt really falling on either way... hmm. I will do the dome anyway even if it will be discarded from entry...

Hmmm. Hmm.. i have think a new idea
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I'll join this one, if I come up with an idea that is unambiguously one way or the other. Right now, nothing really is leaping to mind with what I have to work with. Obviously the bar I've just started isn't going to cut it.
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OK, narrowed it down to a converted miniature, either bounty hunter or chaos cult leader. Will see what the FLGS has in the second hand cabinet today that inspires me.

So... probably something else ;)

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