Competition YakTribe Competition 9 "Triple Age of Trouble"

YakTribe Competition 9 "Triple Age of Trouble"

  • @trollmeat with "Gus the Mushroom Man"

    Votes: 7 25.9%
  • @KungFuPanda with "Nik 'Piece of Cake' Tamer"

    Votes: 15 55.6%
  • @Nevie with "Issiah"

    Votes: 1 3.7%
  • @Flobojoe with "Rise and Fall - A Gangers Tale"

    Votes: 18 66.7%
  • @djmothra with "Rengim Rockcarver - Dwarf Treasure Spelunker"

    Votes: 5 18.5%
  • @nooker with "Abandoned Building"

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • @GrimDork with "3 Stages of Rebel Grot"

    Votes: 13 48.1%
  • @Silk with "Say what again!"

    Votes: 4 14.8%
  • @TakUnderhand with "3 Ages of Puppies"

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • @Sammun with "From Outlaw to Liberator"

    Votes: 9 33.3%

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Magister Competere
Yak Comp 2nd Place
Jan 6, 2013
Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam
Welcome to the 9th Yaktribe Competition - the 8th was won by @ClockworkOrange ( and a Plasma Ball ;) ) with the "Imperium is a Lie"

This time the competition is a little different, as you can see below - due to @ClockworkOrange getting a third win, we have decided to include a '3' here too.


We would like you to make 3 of something - the very same item through 3 different ages.

Example (for a Necromunda House Gang)

Model 1 would be a juve - armed with a pistol and bad acne.
Model 2 would be the very same gang member as before, but (recently) promoted into a ganger - showing a better load of equipment.
Model 3 would be the same as previous, but now as a gang champion (or perhaps even the leader by this time!) at end of his Gang fighting days and is on to retirement or even bigger things. He/she will be the baddest Gang member the house has ever seen. They will probably have loads of fancy kit (Think OIAM Golden MeltaGuns etc :) ) and possibly a lot of scars.

So, we're looking for 3 models, one is minimum xp, one is at promotion XP (or thereabouts) and the last one max xp - of the same gang / warband member. (For Mordheim - the promoted bit can easily be dealt with "That Lads Got Talent" )

That's not all, we're opening this up for Scenery / Terrain too - same criteria as before - 3 items, showing the same thing - one brand new, one used and the last (possibly) ruined.

Vehicles too if you like! - see above :)

Normal Competition Rules apply - with one exception, we're going to give you 6 weeks to do this one (instead of the normal 4)

Closing Date Saturday 19th September.

No Minimum or Maximum restrictions on size (for scenery/terrain)

Please reply below with your intention to enter - like usual :) Any questions? Again, below please :)

Good Luck and May the Yaks be with you.

djmothra / Jase-0, @ClockworkOrange & @Malo
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Now then @djmothra asked me to announce the winners in his absence

3rd place @GrimDork - 13 votes


2nd place @KungFuPanda - 15 votes.


1st place @Flobojoe - 18 votes, I can see you will be trouble in the future when I attempt my 4th crown!


Congrats all I'm sure @djmothra will update the thred properly when he gets back but to quote Brucey (which will only mean something to UK yakkers) you were all my favourites!

@djmothra and @Malo will be in touch with the winner to discus the theme of the next comp. (No pressure but make it scenary!)

Well done again! Clockwork
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Final Entries for YakTribe Competition 9 "Triple Age of Trouble"

@trollmeat with "Gus the Mushroom Man"


@KungFuPanda with "Nik 'Piece of Cake' Tamer"


@Nevie with "Issiah"


@Flobojoe with "Rise and Fall - A Gangers Tale"


@djmothra with "Rengim Rockcarver - Dwarf Treasure Hunter / Spelunker"


@nooker with "Abandoned Building"


@GrimDork with "3 Stages of Rebel Grot"


@Silk with "Say what again!"


@TakUnderhand with "3 Ages of Puppies"


@Sammun with "From Outlaw to Liberator"


Please feel free to check the threads of all entries here for additional pictures and WiP.
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At the end of the last competition, where @Blood Donor put forward the suggestion for doing 3 something, I said if that was the critera I'd prolly go with a Beastmaster and 3 Pets, but they don't gain XP or change over time, so I'll have to do something else... Such as, maybe, doing a Teeny Mushroom, a Mushroom Brute, and a Spore Mother.

The Spore Mother is something I have previously attempted, would having a 2nd go at it be okay for this? I have a week before I'm back at my minis so it is possible that I might come up with something else anyway, but I always wanted to try doing her again.
@trollmeat remember the criteria says that it is the same member of the gang / warband modelled at 3 different time periods - you could do something like 3 ages of a new spore mother - one as an infant, one where they are just heading out on their own to start a new colony and the final one where they are the near the end of their time making new infants - and so the cycle repeats :)

A good analogy is: you make Bob the Juve, then Bob the Ganger, then Bob the Gang Champion.

I'm aware that the original Spore mother didn't work out for the TG comp - so, so long as this is a brand new attempt, then go for it - be nice seeing something a little unusual!
That'd be their life-cycle, if one of them lives long enough they could potentially become a Spore Mother.

I have a week or so before I could even start, so can explore other options on paper, such as my version of a Hive Mother (or any of the other dozens of projects I have bouncing around in my skull) :)
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I've got some shiny TGG Jailbirds that need painting up and would fit well with this category, but what I really want to do is some sort of scratch built vehicle(s) or Robot(s). Straight off the Factory floor, Battle Tested, and then Decommissioned. Not sure if 6 weeks is enough though. I've got a Buddy's 40th birthday to organise, and then decorate my local pub for halloween. [Sad Face]
Let's see, four Ork trukks to paint and a fifth halfway built, two Ork buggies to paint and another build just started, five wasteland raider cars to finish building, two Ork battlewagons partially built and a third being de-looted back into an IG vehicle... Oh, and an Arbites riot vehicle being kitbashed from a Taurox and a Valkyrie. So what's one more project? I'm in.
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@magister competere is it allowed to do for example a building, then take pictures of it, and then broke it down little a do picture and finally break it down complete and take picture? or is it supposed to be so that all of the three entries are really three different objects?
I have some tentative bids/watches on ebay now for suitable entries... what happens will be up in the air until then