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This thread will provide feedback as to the latest updates and fixes applied to YakTribe.games.

Known Issues
  • Necromunda
    • No option to show Campaign custom entries yet
    • Custom entries need Friend support for selection in gang editor
    • Ganger images standard sets need added *in progress
    • Owner name should show on gang sheet
    • Campaigns need a delete function
    • Campaign members need a remove function
  • Competition entries from past need added for Comps module
  • Side menu needs custom entries section
  • Home page Articles panel changed to News
  • News added to side menu
  • Styling colors for forums
  • Training videos!
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  • Gang creation (and other sections) fixed for certain users affected
  • Alerts count for main site top menu
  • Really small mobile width issue with top menu
  • Re-directions for old Necromunda links should now resolve to the new location correctly
  • XML link updated for gangs
  • Campaign admins restored to the users
  • Campaign Add Admin function fixed
  • Forum Main navigation needs entries added
  • Gang member ordering resolved. All gangs had their orders reset, please adjust as necessary. Default order is by XP.
  • Gang owners now added correctly to campaigns
SendGrid has been implemented for all site mailings with signatures installed to ensure delivery to mailboxes. Though this increases monthly costs, it is necessary to ensure delivery of emails on the new platform.
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  • Custom entries can now be deleted
  • Custom injuries can now be added properly
  • Ganger advances should now add all the time and show properly without a manual refresh after adding
  • Printing weapon stats and special fixed for non-owner gangs
  • Gang invites for searched gangs now functional
  • Gang advance counting when non-advance skill is present has been fixed
  • Gangers are now purged properly when gangs are deleted
  • Various minor bugs quashed to prevent halting on output
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Media Gallery permissions have been updated as new members were never intended to be able to upload images, just as many functions are locked out until Juve status is achieved (10 posts) or user has subscribed (either way, proved they're valid users). Please advise (in a new thread) if I've managed to mess up permissions and you can no longer add media.
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  • Hired Guns equipment now displays and adds as cost zero properly
  • Gang ratings correctly ignoring Hired Guns equipment if cost is present
  • Hired Guns pool now displaying stats from advancements and injuries correctly
  • Skill associations for NCE Spyrers fixed
  • Feedback from non-ajax form submissions now added
  • Loading overlay being added in appropriate places
  • All Custom types can now be shared to a campaign (apart from Weapon stats). Sharing to friends not yet implemented.
  • Interfaces updated to display custom entries with an asterix(*)
  • Button display bug with iOS fixed
  • Mobile ganger select on ganger edit page fixed
  • Significant bugs with the post-battle sequence involving xp allocation to gangers with wounding hits and rolling skill advances were resolved
  • Custom ganger types will experience issues with choosing skills. Functions will be added to remove those advances from the list so that the rest of the advances can be processed and those particular gangers can be adjusted manually
  • Please report any skill advances for gangers that have zero skills in the dropdown and are not custom ganger types
  • Cawdor default ganger images added
  • Escher default ganger images added
  • Rare equipment updated with random additional costs for purchasing
  • New Subscriptions page added to the forum Help topics and Subscribe link on menu changed
  • Watched forum preference for new registrations is to generate alert but no longer send email
  • All users set to not send email on future watched threads and forums, can be changed in your Preferences
  • Looking at setting all existing watched threads to not send emails...
  • Fixed Injuries section on Rules printout to only display the gang's injuries
  • Fixed Edit Kills on Ganger editor under functions
  • Fixed issue with some missing equipment from gang when Restrict Equipment is on (default)
  • History viewer added to dev site for testing, coming soon to production
  • Fixed stupid bug in post-battle sequence preventing xp and advances :mad:
  • Fixed basic battle wounding event output on battle viewer page to correctly display event sentence structure
  • Gang page no longer displays null image when no image is present for ganger
  • Campaign manager now as CTA for starting a battle
  • Updated FontAwesome to final release 5.0 Pro
  • Updated OpenGraph data for home page
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  • 6 month non-renewing subscriptions have been added to the existing subscriptions at a slight discount.
  • Honored Tribesman 6-month for $10
  • Tribe Council 6-month for $25
  • Fixed issue with gangs added to campaign via invites not adding to campaign member list
  • Added a few missing campaign members
  • Removed a few campaign members that should no longer be there
  • Updated gang editor with button to remove gang from campaign
  • Remove campaign selection from Gang details modal
  • Remove gang from campaign action now removes user from campaign member list if they no longer have any gangs in that campaign
  • Campaign invites now display on Necromunda tools homepage as well
  • Working on custom forum alerts for campaign invites and such
  • Update FontAwesome Pro to 5.0.4
  • Server patches for Meltdown
  • Privacy Policy has been added
  • Facebook login integration now enabled again
  • YakTribe modules locations system now using the right damn map location source for determining user location
  • Further testing done with new mapping system on dev platform
  • New mapping plugin has been added, replacing the old version. The previous one was no longer maintained and the new one is a premium plugin by a highly active XenForo development company.
  • Existing map profile information is not compatible with the new version so location information is gradually being rebuilt by the new plugin from the users location value. This could take a week or so and the player map and location functions will not show many members yet.

Bootstrap framework has been updated to the final production version 4.0 instead of the latest alpha previously in use. There was only a few things to update in various places due to some changes between the versions but everything should be the same now. Please advise with a new bug thread if any weird display behavior is found on any device after today's update.

This would not affect the forums at all, only the main site and the tools.

Rich editors (eg. campaign events) have been updated to Redactor 3 and available options for creating enhanced content has been expanded. You can now edit in HTML mode as well with most common elements allowed. This also allows images to be added to events, from your gallery here or external.
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Facebook integration should now be functional again. This allows creation of new accounts via Facebook or you can associate your FB account under External Accounts section allowing you to login via Facebook with existing accounts.
YakTribe Forum Upgrade
The last few days I've been updating the forums to the latest version of XenForo plus a lot of additional plugins and changes. This has been the largest update to the forum systems since I first moved from the old SMF to XenForo. Due to the amount of changes, many members of YakTribe and people used to regular forum behavior may experience some initial confusion due to the new Topics system.

My goal is to provide as much instruction as possible on how to get the best experience from the community in the form of videos and online guides. These should be available very soon.

You'll find a list of updates to the Underhive Tools over here. This is a list of changes to the forums and other components of the site:
  • XenForo forum version updated from 1.5 to 2.1
  • Overall styles changes to new UI.X Pro theme with custom styling
  • Gallery and Vault updated to XF2 versions
  • Gallery now contains many Categories for common GW games present here and other general categories. You may add your albums to either the categories or personal albums, the latter allowing you to set your own privacy permissions.
  • All existing gallery albums that had images being used for gangs and fighters on the tools have been associated with the Necromunda/Gangs category, the only category that is visible to the tools going forward.
  • Onsite Chat system replaced with a new robust chat interface with many new features. You should see the chat bar at the bottom of the browser. Discord is separate from this onsite chat and is not affected.
  • Member map has been removed for now until a replacement is available. This means all location systems on the main Yak site are no longer functional. The player meet system is mostly complete but is now awaiting a replacement mapping system.
  • Friends system replaced with Guilds (see below for details)
  • Tournament system added (see below for details)
  • Bookmarks system allows you to bookmark posts, threads, albums, media, vault items and add comments to the bookmark for later use. Want to remember where this great post was on a certain subject? The search function failing you? Bookmarks are your friend.
  • Reactions now include more than Like. You can react with several different emotions now. Reactions provide scores just like previously with Likes, however there are is negative scoring implemented, only positive and neutral.
  • Push notifications now available. The first time you access the forums it will ask to enable push notifications. This will push relevant alerts to your browser, OS or phone the way many modern applications function nowadays. You may turn on/off push notifications at any time and you can customize alert and push notifications for many aspects of the site separately.
  • Table support added to editor. Part of the core XenForo experience, you now have access to adding tables to posts without having to generate all the BBcode yourself. There are buttons on the editor interface for adding the tables and components.
  • Improved Gallery embedding for posts. Displaying albums and media directly from your gallery is now much easier and displays far better than the old version.
  • Covers have been added. These allow content owners to create custom covers for many aspects of the forums. Thread starters can add a custom cover, perfect for hobby logs! Set custom covers for your user profile and vault entries as well. Upload images, position as needed or set a custom color.
  • Post Comments are now available. When replying directly to a post, you can now either Reply as normal or make a Comment. The conceptual difference is that a Comment is simply a quick response to a particular post that is not intended to further the whole thread conversation. Want to simply say "thanks! This was really helpful" but didn't want to simply leave a Like? Post a Comment which appears directly inside the post, not added to the end of the thread. Remember, they're not intended for long conversations and don't allow multi-layer branching like Reddit, only a reply depth of 2 is currently allowed.
  • Trending is a new way to see what is going on in the community. Based on a combination of factors, it presents any threads or even media and vault entries that are currently active or "trending".
  • Topics and Nodes system introduced for forum and thread management (see below for details)

A direct replacement for the old Friends system, the Guilds integration takes local groups to the next level. You are able to create your own guild which at its basic concept is a group of your gaming friends who may play all types of games together. Once a guild is created, you can visit each of your friend's profiles on YakTribe and Invite them to the guild. What can you do with a guild?

Create a Roster of players for a specific game featured here. You may create multiple rosters, each for different games and members. The member must be part of your guild to join the roster though. A roster for Necromunda Underhive will grant direct access to add gangs to a campaign in the Underhive tools, just like the old Friends system. You won't need to find and invite gangs if all campaign participants are members of the roster.

In addition to tools integration, the Guilds and Rosters also integrate with the new Tournaments system. You can create tournaments for any featured game here or a general tournament. You can create a solo tournament which is simply any users on YakTribe, or a team tournament integrating with the Rosters. There are many different types of tournaments available with the ability to add description, rules, min and max players and other options.

Want a game added to YakTribe for integration with these functions? Simply contact me and I'll get it added.

Topics and Nodes
Just to add onto all the new features, the updated forums includes a new Topics and Nodes system. The nodes enhances each forum section, allowing me to customize the look and behavior and these will gradually be enhanced over time as I get used to the functionality and really customize the experience. The Topics changes the way threads work with the nodes (forums).

The biggest changes for Topics on the forum is the Necromunda section. Instead of its own dedicated category and separate forums, it's now a single node. Inside that node you'll find all the threads from all the old sections in the one place. Instead of visiting each separate forum, you can now simply toggle on/off each Topic within that node to focus on what you want. The same goes for posting a new thread where you can select the Topic relevant to the discussion and even select another.

You can also select Topics from other nodes, if they're available as sub-topics. This will allow them to be found even when a user is looking at all threads or trending view and focusing on specific topics.
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