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Feb 17, 2011
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YakTribe Discord Chat aka YakChat!

With the help of @Commissariat I have created a Discord server for YakTribe. Your first question might be why? We currently have a chat system in place on the site and it works well for basic chat, though many users don't even know it exists depending on the device they're using. This has worked well so far but is limited in scope, and more importantly, is an addon that isn't in development anymore and will not work after I upgrade the community systems soon. An alternative needed to be found.

So why Discord? Well the choice hasn't been made and this is more a trial than throwing a replacement at the community and disabling the existing one. Discord is now the biggest gaming chat system around, for both text and voice, has excellent integration functionality and is very easy to use on any device. It's the platform of choice worldwide for instant communication.

There are some great uses for a more robust chat platform with multiple channels, even if we never really use the voice parts. I see it as an excellent tool for the community to provide instant suggestions and answers for folks in the middle of battles and really need some advice on a ruling. Or simply just want to chat on or offtopic outside of a normal forum experience.

The Rules:
  • A Discord account is required. I know it's yet-another-account somewhere instead of the current chat being integrated but it's very easy to setup and there's no lists or spam from this service.
  • Username synchronization is on. This means when you join the server, your username on YakChat will automatically be set to your username here on YakTribe. This will NOT change your Discord username if you already have one setup, only your username displayed on the YakTribe Discord server.
  • Roles are synchronized, so if you're an Enforcer or a Subscriber, you should automatically be assigned additional permissions.
  • The #welcome-channel will display the full community guidelines for chat on the YakTribe server
Again this is not something set in stone but I'd like to try this out for awhile and see if it is something our community here will enjoy, can benefit from.

Please advise of any issues and I'll try to be online as much as possible. A few of the staff have familiarized themselves with the basics and can also help out.

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