Yaktribe secret Santa 2022! Roll up, roll up, get yer names in!


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Oct 24, 2013
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Here's the gallery for this year, updated Jan 2023:

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Ho ho ho, Merry Yakmas to One and All!

The time is upon us to get your names in for the sixth? (I'm trusting @Stoof has used his fingers properly) annual YakTribe Christmas Miniature Exchange! Whoop whoop!

Sign up IS NOW OPEN!

Da Rools n Stuff:

1) If you sign up for this you are solidly promising to build and paint/or paint a hired gun or similar character for your Secret Santa, to the best of your ability (please bear in mind not everyone will be of golden demon standard, that is okay!). This mini can be metal, plastic, resin, papercraft, sculpted yourself or even a combination - so long as it is fully assembled, based and painted!
It can be for any system that the recipient plays. Traditionally it is Necromunda hired gun, but it could just as easily be a Battlefleet Gothic privateer's ship for example if they played BFG, or a hired thug for Mordheim. You will be told their forum name, so you can have a look at their PLog/posts to get a feel of what they might like. We want everyone on the same level and to reduce the number of ‘Is this ok?’ emails that get sent.

2) The mini should be in the post to the recipient by November 15th because Royal Mail and equivalent (earlier date than previous events due to current slow mail globally).

3) Gifts should be marked as such, by writing Yaktribe or something on the outside and having the model wrapped and tagged inside the postal package - why not use YakTribe festive wrapping paper - so that the recipient knows that it is their surprise and doesn’t open it by mistake.

4) Anyone who is having issues preventing them from fulfilling their commitments needs to contact us ASAP so we can arrange an alternative sender.

5) Everyone should be aware that they are meant to say thanks, and post pictures of their gift (although I can't imagine how to mention this without seeming condescending, as it should be obvious!) But it didn’t happen in all cases in previous years. Saying thank you is compulsory (once again, please bear in mind the sender will have put effort into your gift, even if they might not have the same ability as you, be nice!). We all like seeing pics on the day but we understand if being with family etc takes precedence over uploading here - you are agreeing to upload a pic at the earliest opportunity.

6) Its a seeecret! So don’t tell anyone who you are sending your mini to.

7) We want to make it clear that people are only supposed to send one model to their recipient - the levels of generosity in the past have been exceptional in some cases, but we want to avoid anyone feeling left out, or that their gift wasn't good enough, so please no super special gift boxes. - Some people have sent unfinished minis (this is not acceptable) etc in the past, whereas some have sent whole groups of models, which makes some people feel left out. Keep it simple - One, finished mini send by the 15th of November.

Here are some previous galleries to whet the appetite:

Xmas Mini Exchange 2018

Xmas Mini Exchange 2019

Xmas Mini Exchange 2020

Xmas Mini Exchange 2021

Fine festive work from our international band of Yaks!

Everybody is invited regardless of your abilities (it very much is the thought that counts!). Of course you can still take part if you don't celebrate Christmas.

If you want to take part, say so below. You will also need to send a PM to the following people (one message with all as recipients): @Jon Reinhardt @radulykan
The message must contain the following information:

1) Real name
2) Address
3) Systems you play
4) A link to your PLog or gallery so your Santa can stalk you and see what might be suitable

By signing up you are agreeing to the committee members and one other random participant being given the above information. The information will not be distributed elsewhere or used for any other purpose by the committee.

Any questions, let us know below!

SIGN UP IS OPEN UNTIL THE 30TH SEPTEMBER. We will issue names to our various Santas in the first few days of October, giving you SIX WEEKS to get a mini in the post!
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