Yaktribe secret Santa 2022! Roll up, roll up, get yer names in!

Scandinavians are, as a general rule, extremely un-Catholic. While there's a very solid agnostic majority today, Catholicism has been out since the 1600s at the latest.
Oh I know that, I phrased my post badly. I meant claiming to be Catholic is probably easier than claiming to be Nordic, depending on the person. And acting like you're Catholic while you aren't has been ever popular with people as diverse as holy Roman emperors and several bishops.
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Oddest one I ever had was from eBay. The sender had reused an old box and stuffed it up with paper to protect the stuff i’d ordered. Then stuck postage labels on.

Postie gave me the oddest look as he handed over the box which was quite clearly labelled as formally containing vaginal speculums. 😳

Quite why the sender chose that box I’ll never know!!