Yaktribe secret Santa 2022! Roll up, roll up, get yer names in!

Aw, Yaksanta, it's nice to know you're not taking the Inquisition's side on this one.

Now what manner of Archeotech could be poking through this high-quality packaging foam there...?

Huzzah! It's a Yakbot, ready to reinforce the Legio Cybernetica. ...what do you mean, you can hear somebody snoring in there?
Thank you Secret Santa!
Santa Squat says be good kids! Or he’ll sneak down your chimney and make your innards your outards!

A big thank you to my YakSanta. Enemies of the Imperium beware I now have access to enough fire power to level the Palatine Hive itself. My inquisitorial mandate got a little battle damaged on opening but will add to the authenticity once framed I'm sure.



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this lovely traffic servitor is now ready to serve the inhabitants in and outside of the platemill district.
Because the postmen were as sensible, careful and delicate as a Goliath Zerker after being told their favourite cartoon superhero does not exist, my gift arrived damaged. Sturkas was able to fix some of it, but the main feature I spent the most time on, a thing that makes traffic light a traffic light, was above his strength.

So... Have a look here. It is a 20s long GIF.
Traffic Servitor
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Got my package a while ago..but managed to not open him till last night 😅💪

Frank the ammo jack!! Which I absolutely love yaksanta. 💚💚💚

I love the laid back jogging through the hive but still smoking. 😅😁 guy has bags of character and he will make my next gang. Maybe as hive scum or a bounty hunter. But he will see the table 100%
Thanks again to the santa..twas truly a marvellous choice. 😎😎
Finally got round to opening my presents!

So here’s the mysterious man from Norway…

What a cool dude! Clearly not the sort of man you want to mess with, though possibly exactly the sort needed for next years YakMeet.

He came very nicely packaged (seems to be a trend this year!) though one of his pistols had mysteriously detached in his protective tube. 🙁

Still, there looked to be a pinning point so I’ve reattached it. 😁

Came with a very nice fighter card for him too - it’s an actual card one, not a paper copy either! Bonus!!
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Yesterday it finaly arrived. Got this awsome bounty hunter kit bash convertion called Brundilda the plasma witch. Overall a solid paint job. Whit a lot of good greenstuff modeling. Thank you yak Santa. Its awsome.


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Got a package today...


:unsure: No, honestly, I can't see...


The extra cookie being already put to good use, here is my miniature :


Don't mess around with that heavily geared gun for hire... ! Impressive reinforcement to any gang.

Thank you very much my Yak Santa for that great miniature, for the dices and the cookie, and for having to send it twice.

And happy new year.