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Jul 20, 2022
I'm just getting started in Necromunda, and was looking at this for a starting gang. I'd love feedback from the more experienced folks. I'm saving up 50 creds to hopefully buy some cool toys soon, like a chem-thrower or a chem alchemist
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Heyo!! Always stoked to see more people come to Necromunda, welcome!

As for your gang, it all comes down to lacking teeth. 8 bodies is solid, but you're going to have a hard time dishing damage.

First off I would suggest upgrading the lasgun matriarch to something like a plasma gun or grenade launcher. The lasgun is decent as a backup weapon, but it's wasted as a primary weapon at creation on a champ. Saving creds means nothing if you're performing poorly and not earning creds from winning/doing cool things.

Secondly, your melee juves are going to get slaughtered. They're utterly worthlesa with two melee weapons. Might as well take them off the board when the game starts and award the other team xp. Fighting knife +stiletto knife on a juve is also ridiculously expensive. And you're taking knives at the cost of the rest of your gang. You literally gave juvea knives instead of giving your champion a decent weapon.

Juves are cheap and there to get objectives and die before your more valuable gang members do. The best juve is a stub pistol juve. For escher, even stub/autopistol and stiletto, but even then I would only grab one so that your other juve can meatshield.

On top of that I definitely suggest throwing a shotgun on one of your gangers, they do work and the special ammos you can buy for it provide good value.

Otherwise, the biggest issue is you're spending all your starting cash on armored undersuits and flak and mesh for regular gangers and juves. Mesh up your leader and champs, possibly mesh on your specialist IF you gave her value like giving her a grenade launcher. Those will give you a lot of credits, and I would definitely use some of it to change the needle pistol on the matriarch to a plasma pistol. Also the shitty thing about having the whip and a pistol is that while the whip is versatile and can attack at 2" range, the pistol can't be used at versatile range, only in base to base close combat.

Anyway, I'll leave it there for now!

Peace and Love
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Ok so let me kick this off by saying that we've been having a conversation about how best to buff house of blades because they are a little weak. We kind of agreed that starting escher off with a clan chymist for 75c would be the easiest patch. This allows escher to use their house special rules at the start, just like how van saar can use its bionics and how goliath can use genesmithing and orlocks can use legendary names from the start.

From the look of your list you seem to have decided on melee. But i advocate a little of both melee and ranged.

1.) Drop the armoured undersuit, for 25 you can get allot of work done. This will save you 75 points.
2.) Drop the phylinx. For 50 points you can do all sorts of things. Frag grenades for example are 30 points they auto pin anything they hit, they fire off even if you fail your BS they just have to scatter. Phylinx are only really applicable once you have reached your house rule maximum on your gang size. I belive this is sometimes around 10 models. This basically means that escher can cheat and have +3 extra models if you want. This is only really applicable on game scenarios that use random gang size generation. For example, lets say both you and your opponent roll 4 gangers on the random gang generation, you immediately start with 7 when you add the phylinx.

So now that ive saved you 125 points. We're free to start getting better weapons on those champions and queen.

First off, if you have your heart set on the Wyld Runner, give her the frag arrows. These act much like the frag grenade earlier, only with range 18! However they suck at killing things bc they are strength 2, meaning you will be wounding on a 5+ which is 33.33% of the time. However dont worry! Bc anything it hits will be pinned. And you can use this to pin anything that fits under the template. However, not gonna lie, this is a compromised model. The scarce rating on the frag arrows means you wont be getting too many shots off. So i echo what was said above buy a Stub Gun w/ Dum Dum. However you will no doubt notice that the Juvies can also buy frag grenades and you can use them as frag grenade transportation devices, because as said above they still throw even if they miss, which is actually a pretty good back up plan for acquiring a hit! You'll only get a few shots off as with the wyld but it is still valid, especially on close indoor maps or tight alleyways.

Still here? Oh? Whats that? You wanna see my list? ...it uhh... isnt finished.

But yeah i allied with the cold trade in order to access some pretty spicy xenos weapons oh and look at that... wouldnt you know? The xenos weapons have tox and gas just like my special rules... (i used the cold trader rules from the book of judgment which you should use too instead of the stinky old rules in house of blades which gimp escher only and specifically for no other reason than they hate us... is it too much to ask to live in a world where we all get the same Alliance rules?)

*The Dragonflies 1.6* (Cold Trade [book of judgement] ) 1000c

“Every problem is an opportunity. Most of the greatest things I've ever done have been because of a problem.”

Clan-Chymist 75c
Proxy 25

Crowd Control / Scout
Queen 125: Armourweave 20, Rok-Gol Razor Gun 60, Tox (Exploding) 20, Gas (Expansive) 20, Tox (Maddening) 5 (Sprint)
Free Random Xeno weapon Kroot Rifle,

Crowd Control / Scout
Matriarch 100: Armourweave 20, Neural Flayer 90, Gas (Liftin’) 25, Grapnel 25, (Sprint)

Deathmaiden 115: Armourweave 20, Smoke grenades 15, Xenoculum Goodybag!! 80 Tox (Paralysing) 5 (Spring up)

Sister Specialist 50: Mesh 15, Needle Rifle 35, Tox (Maddening) 5, Tox (Paralysing) 5, Remember to aim!

Sister 50: Mesh 15, Shotgun 30

Juvie 20: Blood Rush 15, Stubgun 5, Dumdum 5, Flash Grenade 15,

Again, this is not the final draft of the list.
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Bracer, I dig the concept, but you may be a bit short on bodies. Six is an awfully low number for Escher.

It isnt finish reee! >_<

I have just noticed how good the kroot rifle is... it is severely undercosted for what is basically a 24" longrifle and an axe with versitile 2" for only 30c! It would be very good on gangers however i think ill keep playing up to the tox theme.

Yes my final draft will have 7-8 bodies. I honestly think i can survive with 7.
7 might be ok for skirmish, but is extremely risky in campaign play, especially for Escher with their poor Cool stat. Those first few matches where your numbers are low are key. If you have someone go into recovery, or worse, get killed, you're coming to the next match at a heavy disadvantage and high odds of bottling early. If you're intent on running lowish numbers of kitted out Eschers, I'd strongly suggest putting Night-night on your key fighters.
I would much rather have the extra 24 inches of range and one point of AP, from a regular long rifle, than a crappy melee weapon for free.
Aha but brother, infra sights can go on kroot rifles.

Ive just started converting up my squad and ive got atleast 2 kroot rifles goin'. Its suprising how much they actually fit eschers style once you get over the hurdle of how big they are (they are actually longer than every other gun). I'll post up some pictures soon, most likely in my own thread. I also have a pretty stonkin attempt at the yaktribe competition: future shock!

I'd love to see the tables that you play on that require a 48" range.
I think we all know by now that the only real reason to take a long rifle is for static rounds with shield breaker... which i cannot do with kroot rifles, but then again its an aesthetic choice...
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If you dig the aesthetic, I can see a case made for taking them on regular gangers. Give them pistols or knives and they're fully and inexpensively armed for both shooting and melee. S4 shooting and versatile on a ganger is totally adequate.
I don't think they're quite good enough to take on a Queen or Matriarch, though.
I thought you could not add weapon attachments to Xenos or Corrupted weapons?
Oh i see... page 104 of the book of judgment.

Well that just isnt fair! I mean, half the weapons in Necromunda are held together with ductape! Why cant i tape a sight to my gon!! Oh well i only strictly need the two kroot rifles ive already made.

“even those of relatively standard manufacture use components and mechanisms anathema to the sacred designs of the Imperium.”

But im an outlaw cold trader, why would i care if the design is anathema?! This is clearly an asspull.
I'd love to see the tables that you play on that require a 48" range.
I didn't say 48" range was required. Only that it is more useful to a ranged fighter than a crappy melee weapon.

I can agree that 48" is a bit of an overkill when it comes to range. But being able to hit someone 26" away is definitely nice. Or 30".
I think we approach this game in a very different way. It's quite rare that ranges over 24" are needed, or can draw a LOS in the games that I play. 🤷‍♂️
...I mean I sure they both work but both those posted gangs are far from optimal.

The first one wastes a good 70 credits on useless flak armour which could easily be another body. Escher cool is distinctly average so bodies are important to keep your gang in the fight.

The second gang is carrying some needless bloat for a "hardcore" start - phyrr cats are a luxury, not a starting choice, the credits can be better spent elsewhere.
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That's the point, they aren't completely optimised lists that are identical to all the other optimised lists. They are fairly balanced gangs to help ease someone into the game with a few bits added here and there so people can learn the more important rules first as they play.
By hardcore I mean reduced option lists where no armour can be bought and limiting the top toys so you have something to work for in the campaign, it is however very similar to the usual list that people come up with on here bar the cat.