GorkaMorka Zeebogie's Gorkamorka Thread


Nov 13, 2016
Melbourne, Australia
Thought I'd chuck up a few photos of some of my Gorkamorka bits. First up here's my shot at some muties

They look fantastic! Very realistic. personally I prefer a bit more cartoon colours on my models to make them really pop against the table/scenery, but I can appreciate the more realistic colour approach you've gone for. How sturdy are they as gaming pieces? they look a tad off balance against the small bases (are the bases weighted maybe?)
Thanks! yeah the bases have three sinkers in each of them, the models balanced alright on flat but as soon as they were slightly off they would tip so I just weighted them to save the hassle. They hold up real well I had to run a pin through the ankle of the two where the Raptor was on one foot but other than that they've been knocked round and held up to the punishment
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Are those GW squigs? If so, must be newer than the classic ones I remember (but they're not the recent release).
Nah they are a mix of Kromlech (Big ones) and Puppetswar? Apparently the puppetswar ones are out of production though (not 100% sure they are puppetswar got them from a different source)
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