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This is a one page set of guidelines for playing Inquisimunda style games with the 2017 edition of Necromunda rules and campaign structure. I will try to keep this file only one page, updating when new Necromunda releases require me to.

This is not a rewrite of the existing Inquisimunda or Inquisimunda Community Edition, nor does it require those resources to play. This is not a replacement for the great work done on those games, but rather a lightweight set of tweaks for N17. This is not intended to be an all encompassing, complete, or balanced set of rules. It is merely a method to open up options for narrative games, and should never be used competitively.

Discussion: https://yaktribe.games/community/threads/17.6464/#post-131044
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Light and straightforward. Easily bolted onto any iteration of N17 and wide open to build on further.