=]17[= 1.7

One page rules for Inquisitor style gaming in N17

  1. Version 1.7

    Jacob Dryearth
    1.7 change log:
    • Updated to be in line with the new Necromunda rulebooks.
    • Removed reliance on any one campaign type, hopefully to future proof.
    • Removed power armor, it can be emulated with current gear.
    • Made a lot of the lesser tweaks optional.
    • Added hints for more role playing style actions.
    • Additional layout and text changes for clarity and efficiency of space.
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  2. Version 1.6

    Jacob Dryearth
    Change log:
    • Updated for Gang War 3 and Venators. Venators are great for this type of thing, having been designed with Inq28 in mind, but their rare trade rules clash with what I have already. The overlap of rules is left intentionally vague for the Arbitrator to sort out.
  3. =]17[= 1.5

    Jacob Dryearth
    • Added Genestealer Cult as the mutant template.
    • Some terminology, and probably some things I forgot
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  4. =]17[= 1.4

    Jacob Dryearth
    Version 1.4 Change-log

    • I have allowed fighters to be hired as henchmen for people who like the random advancement of Gangers. No point difference because that sort of thing is difficult to gauge.
    • Added power armor to the trade post, as a lot of Inquisitors have power armor. It's rare and expensive enough to discourage having more than one set in your Cohort, price is just a wild guess. (note that this does not include all the bells and whistles a helmet would provide, just buy...
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  5. =]17[= ver. 1.3

    Jacob Dryearth
    • Fixed a plethory of formatting and spelling errors thanks to Taikkuus on Discord.
    • Explained what Carapace armor does.
    • Better explained the interaction between legacy lists house lists and the trading post.
    • Fixed incorrect inverted stat minimums.
    • Rare item multiplier when founding cohorts changed from 25% increase, to a flat +2 per additional item.
  6. 1.2

    Jacob Dryearth
    • Fixed some formatting errors and typos.
    • Fixed some terminology so as to adhere to Necromunda (equipment sets instead of loadouts, type instead of rank, ect...)
    • Adjusted armor prices/rarity.
    • Further explained moving equipment off of cards and how that interacts with equipment sets.

    Looking for feedback on how flesh wounds affect the game as I currently have them written (reduce all characteristics by -1)
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