Amazons II

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The dense jungles of Lustria are teeming with small tribes of Pygmies and Men. These tribes in the main have failed to develop into sprawling civilazations like the men of the Old World. However, there is one unique tribe which has developed into a civilization deep in the jungle. They are the Amazons, a tribe of made almost entirely of women.

While the are collectively called the Amazon's, their empire consists of small villages spread throughout the land of Lustria. Each village is led by a chieftan, each of which has pledged their alligence to the Amazon Queen, who rules the Amazon Empire from her throne room in the secret fortress of Ithralia, hidden on the small island known as Amazon Island. The Amazons use weapons such as spears, bows and javelins. They also use a small shield, called a Pelta. The shield is shaped like a half-moon and is light and
very manouverable, which suits the Amazon style of fighting.
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