Amazons III

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Amazons are physically identical to Old Worlders, despite coming from an equatorial jungle region where the only other humans are dark skinned pygmies. The Amazons population is all female, but with a substantial slave population of both male and females. Whether as a result of long forgotten magic or by natural means, Amazons are adapted to reproduce parthenogenetically. The process is controlled by the Amazonian Sisterhood, whose priestesses use various natural drugs to induce pregnancy and determine the gender of the child. The origin of the Amazons is clouded but they are linked to the Slann. Perhaps they were the orignal servants or crew on the Old Slanns' starship. Perhaps the Old Slann brought them with them and used the original Amazons as a genetical base for the humans. Whatever the history the Amazons keep ancient Slann artefacts that their best warriors may use.

Amazonian culture is directly derived from that of the Old Slann, with magic, science, and philosophy. To this day the knowledge of the Old Slann is guarded and utilised by the Amazonian Sisterhood. Amazons are very proud of their society, their culture, and their independence. They have little time for other humans, or other humanoid races.
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