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N17 Ash Wastes Nomads 1.2

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Long ago the Ash Wastes setting made Necromunda into a much much different game. Since first reading Necromunda Magazine 3 I was hooked by the nomads. Both due to how much they sounded like the Fremen from Dune and also just how different they were from other gangs.

After Gangs of Necromunda I started revising my rules. But once I read the Dark Uprising & Book of Ruin & Judgement I knew we now had the rules needed to start bringing them to life again. I haven't playtested the changes from 1.1.

Changes from 1.1:
♤Added flak armor to bring them in line with other gangs that now default start with it.
♡Replaced autogun & pistol with reclaimed autogun & pistol, added a blunderbuss, & decreased cost of long rifle a la Cawdor.
◇Decreased costs of most weapons.
♧Trimmed down the melee weapons list.
☆Added custom campaign rules borrowing from Dark Uprising, Books of Judgment & Ruin.
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