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N17 Ashgate Players Pack 1.0

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The settlement of Ashgate is a guild stronghold near the shell of hive Secondus. Due to its close proximity to a rampgate that supplies trade between hives as well as an external gate that leads to nearby shanties and allows for trade with the wasteland nomads, Ashgate is a major trade hub. The final piece of the settlements success is the unspoken ease of access to the underhive thanks to nearby effluent pumping sinks and abandoned freight elevators. Ashgate pays its dues uphive and protects trade coming through its nearby gates and receives relatively little interference from the great houses. Rumours have arrived however that could either make or break this settlements prosperity. A prospector stumbled into town three days ago, delirious with hunger and yammering about a find of a lifetime. While this kind of thing happens regularly, the claimant being kidnapped from a bar and witnesses being murdered isn't. The rumours are flying around that the man let slip something too dangerous or valuable and was taken. Some people are saying Spore deposits, others say Archeotech cache, but whatever the real reason, gangs from all over are mobilising to try and find the missing prospector and his secret.
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