Back from the Dead

Necromunda Back from the Dead 2006-10-12

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The Story
In the nightmare industrial underworld of Necromunda, brutal gangs clash in desperate battles to increase their standing with the rich decadent families who occupy the uppermost spire of the teeming hive city. Underhive watchman Erik Bane is a marked man. As a former hive city Enforcer he made a lot of enemies, many of whom followed him into the underhive to extract their revenge. But when a plague zombie infestation breaks out it's these very enemies he has to turn to for help.

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A zombie invasion threatens to take over the Underhive. All the while, Erik Bane attempts to save a girl from a deadly gang. It’s a thrilling rescue mission set in the depths of the hive city where every fight could turn Bane into a flesh-eating monster.
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Loved the main character Enforcer, involvement of multiple gangs (can't go wrong with Redemptionists!) and of course, those plague zombies.
A special character from ORB makes an appearance, which is ace :-). As Nooker said, the construction of the Hive is a little detracted from what we know from the original fluff, but in general the descriptions are grimey and fitting of the 40K grim-dark (Nick Kyme writes a lot in that universe, so the setting 'feels' right for the most part). Nice characters, description, and a bit of mystery. Noice.
I liked this one a lot, despite the author obviously having no understanding about how the Hive Primus is laid out. He seemed to think it was like some sort of large high-rise or mall with an open center where you could see from the top to the bottom. Still the story is good. It might seem a bit clichéd in this age of zombie stories every two minutes, but Plague Zombies have long been a part of the Underhive lore that a story about them would have to be told. This is a good story about a fallen Enforcer on a quest of redemption. It's definitely got a zombie survival setting in it, but there is mystery and something of a hero quest there too. I thought the gangs encountered were well portrayed too. Goliath were encountered (sorta anyway) right in the beginning. A Orlock leader plays an important role throughout. A run in with Delaque goes poorly since our protagonists are allied with Orlocks. The Redemtionists are as nutty and fanatical as you'd hope. There's even a Guilder. And finally a special character from the book makes an appearance. So even though the setting wasn't portrayed correctly, the story is still good & the people were portrayed believably.