Battle Monks of Cathan

Battle Monks of Cathan 1.0

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In times of strife frontiers are defended by the community. Local militia comprises of the strongest young men, supporting trained soldiers of the Emperor’s Guard. An authorized emissary from Weijin is appointed by Imperial decree to govern each border district. The military view warrior monks as hooded vigilantes, and a menace to law and order. Temple masters themselves only cooperate with the emissary for that is the Emperor’s bidding.

So it is that they are united in battle against the enemies of the throne. Officers begrudge the monks meddling in their affairs, yet heroic deeds and
the martial arts mastery of these robed advocates is ultimately what keeps raiding parties of hobgoblins, beastmen, marauders and mutants out. The combat skills of a Celestial Dragon Monk surpass anything that Old World scholars have seen – even when using no weapons at all!
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