N17 Battle Report - Dominion Campaign 1.0

Battle report template for dominion campaigns

  1. dabbk
    This is indended to be printed out and kept at hand when going out to play a game for our ongoing Dominion campaign. I figured out it might help others, too!

    Sources available for anyone interested.

    Feedback welcome: this is a first draft that will probably need to be refined. Later might become a fillable PDF..? Or an additionnal module in the campaign manager?

Recent Reviews

  1. Fritz
    Version: 1.0
    Good work Dabbk, thx! It's not clear at the Bottle Result, if you have to circle the one who bottled or cross out the one who stayed but that's some minor point!
  2. EdiNulz
    Version: 1.0
    Yes exactly what we need!
    Might be cool if it included our report format.
    Thx for the great work!
    1. dabbk
      Author's Response
      yeah, I think this pdf has all/more info, so filling out the expected template shouldnt be an issue from it. And also maybe we can keep all the added info on the thread reports, as it doesnt hurt, I guess?
      Let's try it out and see! oh and i can send u the source if you want to play around with it :)
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