Battlefleet Gothic - Comprehensive Chaos Fleet List 2019-02-22

All your chaosy BFG needs in one place!

  1. Mongooser
    *Knock knock knock*
    *Door Opens*
    "Has anyone talked to you about the Chaos Gods?"

    Looking for ships you can throw into a Chaos Fleet but don't want to dig through three books and multiple other files to find them? If so, then this file's for you!

    Chaos Space Marine Special Rules!
    Fleet Lists for Every Chaos God (Except Malal...we don't talk about him.)
    Ships, Ships, Ships!
    Chaos Hulks!
    and much much more!

    (The Mongoose cannot be held responsible for losing one's sanity due to looking into the Abyss and it looking back into you. Your mileage may vary. Tentacles are not toys, please use responsibly...or not.)
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