Beastmen Raiders

Beastmen Raiders 1.0

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Beastmen Warbands

The Beastmen are brutish, wild and unnatural creatures that live in the deep forests. Anyone travelling through this untamed wilderness risks
being attacked by these unpredictable raiders. Many of those who dwell within the forests around the outskirts of Mordheim claim that these vile creatures of Chaos outnumber mankind, though such statements are impossible to prove, for the Beastmen build no cities and do not create any structured form of society as such.

Order and organisation are alien and hated by them, and they roam where they will, pillaging and killing for whatever they have need or want for. They willingly turn on each other, picking on the weakest amongst them for food and fun.

Contains the following troop types:
  • Heroes
    • Beastmen Chieftain
    • Beastmen Shaman
    • Bestigors
    • Centigors
  • Henchmen
    • Ungor
    • Gor
    • Warhounds of Chaos
    • Minotaur
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