Black Orc Warband

Black Orc Warband 2015-10-24

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I don't know who wrote these rules, I have just found them floating around.

They are a good starter for ten; not too weak and not too powerful. I have a few proposed amendments/tweaks to bring them into line with current rules and established fluff:
  • Remove "Speed" from the skill tables available to ALL warband members
  • Add the following items to the equipment tables:
    • "Mace - 3GC" -- WTF Orcs don't get to use Maces??!
    • "Flail - 15GC (Heroes, Boyz and Nuttaz only)" -- Seems a reasonable addition to offset loss of swords (below) and it's a very appropriate weapon.
  • Remove the following items from the equipment tables:
    • "Sword - 10GC" -- weapons requiring finesse are not generally associated with Orcs as far as I am aware!
  • Refer to "Da Mob Roolz" Orc Warband rules for Animosity
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