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NCE BLINDSIDER - The Cursed Plasma Pistol of Crazy Sonja 1.0

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“Blindsider. The name strikes fear into some of the stoutest hearts of the Underhive. Spoken in hushed voices in dingy bars, lest mere mention of it bring its cursed attention on the speaker. Once the prized possession of Escher gang leader Crazy Sonja Stefani, Blindsider was taken from her when she fell to a Spyrer hunting party. Since then, it has travelled seeming of its own accord – never staying with one person long, but possessing their every thought, bending their mind to violence and the unquenchable urge to fire it in anger against somebody – anybody! Nobody knows how Blindsider chooses its next victim. It simply appears near them one day – amongst their possessions. Under their pillow. Dropped by a mangy dog at their feet… and that’s it. They’re chosen. Men have thrown it over Dust Falls only to find it lying on their cot when they return that evening. They’ve sold it to a guilder for a pittance and discovered it minutes later hanging from their belt as they spend that very pittance on Second Best. Some seemingly have come off well from their encounters with Blindsider – relieved as it passes through their hands without harming them. But others… oh so many others… You can tell when someone’s been Blindsided. The blackened empty eye sockets of hundreds of unlucky fighters can attest to its all-pervading thirst for agony…”
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