Blood Dragons

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The Vampires dwelling in Bretonnia are mostly of the clan of Abhorash, the reclusive father of the Blood Dragons. In the cursed city of Mousillon the Blood Dragons are primarily the progeny of the infamous Red Duke of Aquitaine. Having been vanquished at the battle of Ceren Fields the Duke plots in secret to claim Mousillon for himself. His plans call for a splendid court to be established there, the likes of which have not been seen since the time of Duke Maldred.

The primary adversary to this plan has long been the Skaven of Clan Pestilens, who use the city as a breeding ground for ever more toxic strains of the red pox. The recent declaration of an Errantry War to cleanse Mousillon has met with mixed feelings by the Blood Dragon Lords. Eager to prove their martial prowess in combat against worthy opponents, the Vampires also hope that the Bretonnians will prove successful in their fight against the Skaven. The unsavory side of the Errantry War are the numerous rivals for the city who follow in the wake of the Knights. Marienburger warbands who want to claim the wharf district for their wealthy merchant overseers, unruly peasants in search of a new home and the outlaws and thugs who see an opportunity to redeem themselves, all amount to an infringement on the master plan of the Blood Dragons.
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