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Brendor spent much of his early life moving from one church to the other, he was an orphan who had tried his ardest to learn to be a priest of sigmar, but unfortunatly whereever he went so did the accidents. The strange thing is that they all included fire somewhere and he never remembered starting them. It was not long before he was exiled from the church as an annoyance and with nowhere to go he set of to the festivals at Mordheim. When he got there he found desolate ruins and greedy warriors. With no money and little food he decided to preach the ways of sigmar and help whoever he could.

Brendor is a young ex-priest who has somehow like all the other freaks of nature been drawn to Mordheim. Little does he know that his subconcious actually wields magical powers which he himself cannot control.

This is an Alter Ego special character.
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Not even spellchecked or given basic once-overs, layout is shoddy, and the ability to cast a fireball on any charging model is perhaps over-potent (should maybe be limited to once per enemy assault phase).

Also, needs to add more to warband rating. 10 points is pretty low.