Bretonnian Brigands

Bretonnian Brigands 1.0

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Portrayed in peasant songs as dashing defenders of the low against the abuses of the high, the reality of the bands of brigands that infest the forests of Brettonia is a lot less proasic. Cutthroat, brigand, poacher, fugitive - all find refuge in the wild woods. They belong to those who have been driven from general society or those who choose to live outside its laws.

Brigands tend to identify themselves with the common folk and the peasantry and often they rely upon the support and protection of the local folks. But not all brigands come from the peasant class: there are tales of Brigand nobles and princes, disowned by their families, fighting guerillia wars against their former homeland. While no brigand objects to robbing from the rich, robbing from the poor is safer and easier as a rule.

As Mousillion started degrading, the brigands got fiercer, even more organised. A wellequipped mercenary group can be outclassed by the combination of tough veterans, guerrillas and unusual tactics
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