Bretonnian Knights

Bretonnian Knights 1.0

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This is a time when the Empire is being torn apart from within. A time when there is no Emperor and the lands are increasingly divided, as individual cities look to their own lords and mercantile Burgomeisters gain in power through gold. Where corruption flows like effluent down the River Reik and conspiracy is rife throughout the land. By contrast, happy is the land of Bretonnia where chivalry reigns, honour is upheld and the Lady of the Lake still bestows her favour on those deemed worthy.

To the knights of Bretonnia Mordheim is a vile place where virtue and order have been discarded. Where a proud city once stood nightmarish creatures now wander the streets and mix with men in dens of corruption and squalor. It is therefore considered extremely virtuous for a knight to embark on a spiritual quest to Mordheim, seeking to achieve honour in battle and perhaps earn the favour of the Lady of the Lake herself. In Mordheim a knight’s courage and valour will be thoroughly tested, but so much the better, because with hardship come honour.
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