Brin "Tuff Git" Kergun [AE]

Brin "Tuff Git" Kergun [AE] 1.0

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No one is quite sure exactly when Kergun first appeared in Mordheim, but by most accounts it was a good while after the comet hit, but by his own account it was "a zoggin’ long time before dem scary types started showin’ up".

It is said that he once was the leader of a mighty waaagh, but proved to be a fraud, as all of his leadership abilities were gained via a magical crown. Once the crown was lost his mighty waaagh rapidly disentigrated.

Despondant and depressed Brin took it upon himself to learn the ways of magic, in hopes of fashioning a new crown that would restore him to his former glory. He now hunts the ruins of Mordheim for treasure and secrets.

This is an Alter Ego special character.
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