Necromunda Burned 2018-02-24

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A Necromunda story

Years ago, a trio of Goliaths retrieved something rare and remarkable from an ancient site – and now one of the three, long thought dead, has returned to claim what is his.

It's a good old-fashioned tale of revenge, looting and fire-crazed Cawdor religious zealots.

Many years ago, a trio of Goliath gangers came across something rare and amazing in the underhive. The Wings of Caliban, a symbol of the Adeptus Astartes, could have made their fortunes… until the three fell apart. Each taking one piece of the Wings, they could have gone their separate ways… but one of them ended up falling into a furnace, and was believed dead. But now he has returned, and wants what is his… and probably a healthy dose of revenge too. But to reunite the Wings, one piece will have to be retrieved from the zealots of House Cawdor.

Written by Darius Hinks
First release
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3.50 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest reviews

Ok so this one was very predictable, but also very enjoyable. It's true this story has been told a million times that the twist was obvious even with the very little info give, but this is the first time I've seen it told in the Underhive, so that makes it fun. Plus it was short, making it easy to get through.
A predictable but enjoyable tale. Mostly Goliath related but there are references to House Cawdor and Scavvies in this book.