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LRB Bushwack 1.0

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In the hellish pit of the Underhive a gang's reputation means everything. A disrespectful taunt or provocation from a rival gang must be dealt with violently as only gangs that stand up for themselves can expect respect from other hivers. An often favoured method of reprisal by gang leaders against a marked ganger that has wronged him is the bushwack. The gang splits up in search of the target either infiltrating the rival gang's turf or waiting hidden along a path commonly used by the gang. When the target is spotted bullets start flying as the vengeful gang attempts to complete the hit before disappearing back into the gloomy shadows.

This scenario represents a group of avenging gang members ambushing a marked rival fighter to carry out a bushwack.
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Extremely characterful scenario. Especially for experienced gangs where someone has devoloped a grudge against a particular gang member.