Cardinal  Crimson

Necromunda Cardinal Crimson 2006-06-28

No permission to buy ($11.99)
Ok, still not really fond of Kal Jerico, but I liked this story more than the first. It's really interesting to read a story preaching tolerance in the 40k universe. Especially interesting when that story has the Redemption at it's center & is surrounded by Cawdor. Interesting views of how one forgets their roots as they gain power. Fun to see the Wildcats (Yolanda's Escher gang) again and with the Grak gang of Goliath. Weird to see Orlocks engaged in slavery as it doesn't fit in with my view of them, but it didn't really see to fit in the author's view either as one character commented on the strangeness of it. Over all worth the read.