N17 Chaos Cult Official 1.0

GW official Chaos Cult gang originally from White Dwarf

  1. YakTribe
    This is the official Chaos Cult gang for Necromunda: Underhive. Originally only available in White Dwarf, it has been updated and released in a standalone form for download. It was originally posted here by WarHammer Community blog with a direct link to download. It is being made available here for easy searching and archival purposes as original links and files can often disappear from the source.

    Chaos Cult contains rules for :
    • Chaos Spawn
    • Cult Demagogues
    • Cult Disciples
    • Cutl WItch
    • Helot Cultists
    • Chaos Familar
    • Chaos Cult Wyrd Powers

Recent Updates

  1. Update to version 0918 from GW
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