The black mines and factories of the Chaos Dwarf Empire require an ever growing population of slaves. The livespan of a slave in the mines around the Tower of Gorgoth or in the factories of the Plain of Zharr is not long -- they are worked literally to death. Thus, every day the Chaos Dwarf nobles send bands of their subordinates, reinforced by goblinoid slaves, to procure more workers. The majority of these bands are sent into the orc and goblin tribelands of the mountains surrounding the Chaos Dwarf Empire, where the orcs and goblins that make up the majority of their workforce and armies. However, some have been known to make it into the lands beyond, into the lands of the human Empire...

The Chaos Dwarf warband is slightly different from others in that there are two different races included in most warbands. The "heroes" portion of the warband is composed of the Chaos Dwarves themselves (and possibly a bull centaur), while the "henchmen" section is made up entirely of their goblinoid slaves.
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