Chaos Gate

LRB Chaos Gate 2014-03-31

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The Inquisitors have isolated multiple sources of warp energy emanating from the Underhive. The Guilders and Noble Houses have ordered your gangs to the believed location of a rift in warp-space deep in the bowels of the Underhive with the hopes that you can seal a portal through which denizens of the warp are entering.
Chaos Gate is an Arbitrator Scenario, which represents an encounter with daemons of the Warp. It is intended to be a multi-player scenario where the forces of Chaos will attempt to overrun the players’ gangs while the players themselves attempt to close the rift and fend off the daemons. It is recommended that only experienced gangs take part since daemons rarely demonstrate any mercy. To assist the players, the Ordo Malleus has dispatched a member of their ranks to assist them – an Inquisitor nonetheless.

While designed for the Chaos Gate Campaign, can be played as a stand alone.
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