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City watchman 1

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In the old world there are many a men great warriors and nobles, some are great wizards or generals, some are not human and bring traditions of potency in ways few would imagine.
Few are those that begin travelling to rid the world of its dark places. Whom seek dungeons to safeguard mankind or simply for personal gain.
Those who do become exalted heroes, or more commonly forgotten dead whom litter the paths seldom trodden.
This is not one of those people, this is a member of the city watch, and he has honestly no clue why he's along this trip but dare not bring up the matter in fear of having to return to his loathsome guard duties.
So the prospect of getting out of work, getting treasure and free stuff is very attractive to the watchman, so he plays along and does his best to fit into the group. Whom probably wonder why this goof is around.

This is an unofficial upgrade for warhammer quest that lets you play as the city watchman. The focus when making this was fun abilities and odd events.
The watchman isn't exactly good at combat but useful to have around.
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