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LRB Closing In 2014-03-29

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In the scenario, Closing In, one gang or group of bounty hunters have cornered their enemy. Now the prey must fight its way out if he hopes to survive.
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I played this recently with one of our new members, @peki21. It was a nice variation on the Gang Fight. It had a different setup and different goal, but the basic idea of two gangs beating on each other till only is standing is pretty much how it plays out. One thing that players need to be careful of is the attackers start in a corner. Unless there are any structures in this corner (I tend to put most structures in the middle of the board) the attacking gang will have trouble using their move or shoot weapons or could be very exposed to begin with. Even though we didn't do this well in our game, it was still an interesting scenario, which I won as the defender, so I might be biased.