Confrontation 1990

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These are the original Confrontation rules. They were published serially in White Dwarf before Necromunda was published and are compiled here. They were never completed and this is all of them that were published.

Confrontation is considered the first iteration of what later became Necromunda. The idea of the gang or squad based systems are there as well as some of the house concepts and background. The actual rules are quite different though, very complex combat systems which were highly streamlined in the comparative Necromunda.

This is a lower quality version. If you want the higher quality version (55.8MB) PM me (@nooker) with your email address and I can send you a Dropbox link to it.
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I have yet to play this, but in my opinion this is a must-read for any Necromunda fan, based solely on the amount of great background information and fantastic concept artwork.