Cult of the Possessed

Cult of the Possessed 1.0

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There is never any shortage of men willing to risk their lives for a chance
of real power: men whose ambitions lie beyond the scope of their birthright, or whose sorcerous skills or physical deformities place them in constant danger of persecution. What do such men have to lose if they pledge their souls to the dark gods of Chaos! In the aftermath of the destruction of Mordheim all manner of mutants have appeared whilst many hitherto unblemished folk feel the stirring of strange powers, the first awakenings of magical gifts destined to bring them to a fiery death at
the hands of the Witch Hunters.

This warband contains these types of warriors:
  • Heroes
    • Magister
    • The Possessed
    • Mutants
  • Henchmen
    • Darksouls
    • Brethren
    • Beastmen
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