Cultists of the Horned Rat

Cultists of the Horned Rat 1.0

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The Horned Rat is not worshipped by humans alone and a few, very deranged, humans worship him in the belief that by being good servants they will be spared when he claim the world. They live their ordinary lives and meet in the sewers once a month or so for rituals and guidance from a Skaven Cult Leader. They provide the Skaven with information, safe houses, safe routes in and out of the city as well as with food and the occasional shard of Warpstone.

They believe the meteor being the Horned Rat incarnating and have rissen to fight at his side, the Skaven Cult Leader is confused but is taking advantage of the confusion to further his hold on the city. The cultists often fight near the sewers where they have made their fortified camp or below the city itself in the basements, sewers and catacombs. The Cultists often wear animal pelts made from rats and mock rat-tails to further identify with the Horned Rat. They also hold a strong and blind faith in the Horned Rat that enable them to shrug off blows that would have knocked a mere manling senseless.
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