The Dwarfs built the stronghold Karak-Zorn in the Southlands upon the snow capped peaks, surrounded by the green steaming jungle. The Dwarfs in the Old World thinks that the stronghold of Karak-Zorn has been lost to attackers, they havent been heard from in centuries and no one have been able to find a tunnel leading to the stronghold. The last words was that the Undeads had cut off the mountain roads and it was assumed that the Undeads had attacked or that the stronghold had fallen to the plauges of the skaven or in a war with the Lizardmen. The truth is far more sinister than a stronghold overran by Skaven or Greenskins. The stronghold was besieged by undead but they never attacked, isntead they had worked some foul magic and sealed the Dwarfs into their stronghold. As the time passed the Dwarfs realise that their resistance to injuries had increased, but this blessing was shortlived as clansmen would rise from mortal injuries and more and more workers drifted into a form of daydreaming.
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