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N17 Desperation Campaign 1.12

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The Lost City of Atlantarse sunk into the Underhive millenia ago and great treasures along with it. During a time of great poverty, the Clan Houses have sent the best scummers they could muster into the depths to discover these lost riches and bring them back to Hive City.

This campaign features a number of changes to the traditional campaign modes and some altered rules like;
-scenarios adapted from the basic campaign
-house rules for melee combat
-gang composition and starting resources
-a host of changes to juves
-restricted trading post
-new post battle actions
-new in-game actions
-revised pre- and post-battle sequences
-D100 Loot Table for opening Loot Crates.

It may not be to everyone's taste but hopefully will be enjoyed by most.

This is considered a work in progress and would love any/all feedback as the campaign is as yet untested at time of posting.

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