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N17 Desperation Campaign 1.12

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  • Altered rules for Sneak Attacks.
  • Altered rules for Pitch Black
  • Altered starting crew sizes for Rescue Mission.
  • Updated the table for determining scenario, if neither player has any crates they may play Deep Dive.
  • Added rule for consecutive loss of initiative rolls.
Apologies to all for the inconsistencies, spelling and formatting errors from the previous two versions. I have given the whole system a large overhaul, including a complete change to the way scenarios are chosen. Hope you enjoy.

  • Changes to the Deep Dive scenario, including deployment, multiplayer and hazard rules.
  • Changed the Pop a Crate action to make it more beneficial for gangs.
  • Opening a Crate during battle has been changed slightly.
  • Removed xp gain from passing Initiative checks.
  • Defined the Sell a Crate post-battle action. Crates may be sold for 2D3x10 credits.
  • Added bullet point in Founding a Gang pertaining to Genestealer Cults, Helot Cults and Enforcers to give them enhanced post battle action access closer to the House gangs.
  • Streamlined all scenarios and added alternative ZM and SM set up options.
  • Overhauled the way battles are fought in the Pillaging Phase.
  • Added the Drop Crate (Basic) action.
  • Fixed formatting issues.
  • Clarified wording and added Muliplayer Battles to Deep Dive scenario.
  • Clarified wording for when two opponents facing off are both Targets.
  • Changed House Patronage to 50 credits per 100pts of difference. Players can also purchase Spurious Chems for their gang.
  • Changed Prodigy limit from 2 to 3