Dome Rush

LRB Dome Rush 1.1

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Much of the Underhive is decrepit and ruinous so it’s not uncommon for gang warfare or hive quakes to cause sudden catastrophic collapses. Entire domes and settlements can be demolished and subsequently forgotten for centuries, but through this devastation can emerge revitalisation. Industrial wastes collect and transmute into precious new minerals, flora and fauna flourish in the human-less environment and archeotech of forgotten technologies remain. So when rumours emerge of a newly recovered dome it spreads through the drinking dens like a wild fire that can create a rush of gangs eager for a slice of the lucrative find.

This scenario represents several gangs upon hearing rumour of a nearby newly discovered dome have raced to it and began to fight their rivals for the spoils.

v1.0 is part of the 2007 Necromunda Scenario Competition PDF.
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An excellent and fun scenario for those times when you have multiple players available.