Dwarf Treasure Hunters

Dwarf Treasure Hunters 1.0

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Occasionally, a Dwarf noble will find himself in desperate times. His family hold may have been overrun by Goblins or Skaven, or he may have
somehow disgraced himself and been banished. Other Dwarfs know these warriors as the Dispossessed. Dwarfs are a proud race and it is against a Dwarf ’s nature to lose himself in despair. Instead, a noble who finds himself in such dire straits will gather together a group of his
closest friends and kin and go treasure hunting, hoping to accumulate a large enough hoard to establish his own holding. At this time, the largest
source of wealth in the Known World is rumoured to be a city in the Empire. The city is known as Mordheim…

Contains these types of warriors:
  • Heroes
    • Dwarf Noble
    • Dwarf Engineer
    • Dwarf Troll Slayers
  • Henchmen
    • Dwarf Clansmen
    • Dwarf Thunderers
    • Beardlings
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