Emp-Rah's Eye

Necromunda Emp-Rah's Eye 2018-02-24

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A Necromunda story

Two Tails, storysinger of the Five Hands ratskin tribe is dying. But first, he must relate a tale from long ago to five braves, one of whom will ultimately take his place.

It's a look away from the gang wars of the Underhive at the traditions of the savage ratskins, and the stories they tell to keep their history alive.

Of all the denizens of the underhive, the ratskin tribes are among the most insular and bound by tradition. Among the Five Hands tribe there exists a storysinger, a soul who has been blessed by the far-off Emp-Rah, the all powerful lord of all, and who keeps the stories of the tribe alive. Two Tails, the current storysinger, is dying. But before his time to enter the Dark Cave comes, he must find a successor. Five braves have gathered to embark on a quest, and one will survive and succeed Two Tails. But first they must hear a tale of a long ago storysinger, a tale that has a very personal resonance for Two Tails.

Written by Guy Haley
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Ok, so the ending was TERRIBLY predictable, but it was fun getting there. I did like how this pretty well separated Ratskins from Indigenous peoples. They had been terribly derritivitave before. The strong native influence is still obvious, but it has a much more Necromunda influence now.